Why We Need Help

Greg Wax has run the theater from 2013 until this present day and has done the very best that he can to try and attract the people that decided to stop visiting the Anthony Wayne due to the condition it was left in by Clearview Cinemas. Even with improved film bookings, new tile floors, improved pricing, and a friendlier staff, the Anthony Wayne 5 is still struggling to win back customers. With attendance falling, the Anthony Wayne 5 may soon have to shut its doors for good. 

Even while the theater has had minor upgrades, it needs a complete overhaul. The auditoriums need new seats, new sound systems, new drapes, new lights, and new carpets. The lobby needs new carpets, freshly painted walls, new bathroom facilities, a new box-office, and a new candy stand. 

Without these upgrades, the theater will never be able to win back the people of Wayne, and without winning back its customers, the theater will be forced to go dark.